Andamiro Tower of Hanoi – Andamiro does it again!!!!!!

December 8, 2011
Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi

Birmingham Vending is proud to present Tower of Hanoi to our customers.  At Birmingham Vending we have had great success selling and operating many different instant prize redemption machines over the past several years.  I believe Tower of Hanoi could be one of the best yet.  It offers quick, yet exciting game play.  I personally found the game to be challenging and very fun.  We highly recommend this merchandiser for all types of locations.



At Andamiro we did it again by introducing successful prize redemption games one after the other. After a huge success of winners’ cube game Andamiro is proud to introduce the “TOWER OF HANOI” video prize redemption game.


Innovation driven, “TOWER OF HANOI” is set to become the most unique instant prize redemption game on the market promising enormous payouts and consumer satisfaction. With captivating music and mesmerizing looks, “TOWER OF HANOI” proves to be a great  investment in any environment.

Players simply press the start/drop button to release rings from the swinging arm and stack them around a pole directly on top of each other. Add to the fun and make the game challenging, speed of the swinging arm increases after each successful drop and the rings get smaller and smaller. Players can choose to accept a minor prize at the successful dropping of 7th ring around the pole or continue pitting their skills to win a major prize at the successful drop of the 10th ring. There are four pigtail prize hangers to display major prizes and five minor prize pigtail hangers.

Wholesale Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi

Birmingham Vending

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Sega’s Harley Davidson King of the Road

May 19, 2011

Harley Davidson Arcade Game

Sega Harely King of the Road

Sega Harley Davidson Arcade Game Simulator by Birmingham Vending

Harley Davidson Deluxe Arcade Cabinet

Sega’s Harley Davidson King of the Road will get your motor runnin with features like…

56″ HD Monitor – you’ll almost feel the wind in your face!
Motion Based Harley Saddle w/built in Rumbler – you can feel the bike purring!
Linkable up to 4 players – get your friends together and ride!
Licensed Classic Rock Music from the 70’s and 80’s including Highway Star!
10 Different Tracks!
A Virtual Stable of Classic Harley Motorcycles to Ride!

Ride your motorcycle & fly through the city streets. Feel the excitement that only a real Harley creates.
Race your way through 10 tracks while listening to classic 70’s rock tunes like “Highway Star”. The
deluxe cabinet provides a V-Twin experience with motion system and realistic movements.

Assembled Dimensions DLX – D2400mm W1560mm H2270mm 382kg | D95” W62” H90” 844lbs

Birmingham Vending

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Andamiro’s’s Winners’ Cube Classic – More Than Meets the Eye

May 12, 2011

Andamiro Winners Cube Classic

What hides beneath this enticingly addictive, sleekly designed cabinet? Highly customizable prize options, a tilt alarm, and an L-shaped mount bracket.

The most significant feature of the Winners’ Cube Classic is the option of customizing the difficulty of all 12 cells. According to your preference, you can put in 12 prizes – all of different value ranging from high to low – in the cubes to maximize your earning potential. And despite its sleek physique, it is sturdier than it looks. The tilt alarm, which sounds when the cabinet is shaken, and the L-shaped mount bracket, to install the cabinet onto the wall, is a standard feature in every Winners’ Cube Classic for extra protection, while plexiglass guards your treasures inside.

For the family location operator looking for a space efficient option and to the street operators looking for a tough cabinet to weather the elements, Winners’ Cube Classic is your best bet.

Birmingham Vending

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Marksman Redemption Game NOW SHIPPING!!!

May 4, 2011

Global VR Marksman

Birmingham Vending brings you Marksman Redemption game by

Global VR

Global VR Marksman

The latest and most affordable Prize Redemption Merchandiser has just landed in the US and is available now. Having made its debut in the United State at the IAAPA Trade Expo, Marksman has been tried and tested and has proven itself to be one of the top earning prize merchandisers currently available. 9 visible prizes make it compelling; the simple and intuitive game play makes it irresistible; the drive to win makes it addictive; and the collections you enjoy makes it totally rewarding.

LOCATIONS                      Avg Income       Overall Rank      Merchandiser
Southern FEC      32 weeks    $977                        #3          #1
Midwest FEC        32 weeks    $641                         #2          #1
Midwest Arcade 33 weeks   $540                         #5          #1
SE Arcade              33 weeks   $382                         #1          #1
SW Arcade             33 weeks   $531                         #1          #1
West Arcade         30 weeks   $730                        #1          #1

The light and bright design helps the game stand out in the crowd and showcases the prizes inside. The adjustable settings make it perfect for all locations and offers operators a “tickets-out” option.

Pure skill game with adjustable difficulty levels
Very bright and visible prize compartments for varied valued prizes
9 prize compartments
Tickets out optional
Up to 1 in 999 payout adjustable


68.11″H x 44.1″W x 23.62″D

Birmingham Vending

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Sega Debuts Key Master

April 20, 2011

Birmingham Vending is proud to represent Sega and the brand new Key Master Self Redemption Game

Birmingham Vending Sega Key Master

Sega is now offering its new prize vending game, Key Master, which represents a departure from the factory’s traditional offering of video games and ticket redemption.

The game tests players’ skills as they try to unlock prizes by putting the key in just the right spot. There are three prize levels and a wide range of operator-adjustable difficulty settings. Other features include simple-to-use joystick and button controls, prize pins that are easy to refill, a brightly lighted steel cabinet and coin, DBA or swipe card options.

“Key Master is the type of street piece U.S. operators have been asking Sega to make for years,” said president and COO Paul Williams. Sega execs say the piece has performed well on test.

Features include:

* Incredibly easy to replenish prizes with no need for locking bars. Prizes are secured on their spring loaded prize arms and can’t be shaken off.
* All Steel Cabinet with triple-locking bar and padlock hasp factory installed for added security.
* Glass – not plastic – viewing panels.
* Widest range of operator adjustable features in prize vending category with 3 independent prize levels, each adjustable to their own reward level. Reward levels so flexible, you can set the game up to give a car away and “still” make an excellent ROI.
* Adjustable prize arm configurations allow for wide range of prize sizes including the popular Apple I-Pad.
* Simple Player Controls – Left/Right Joystick and Up Button.
* Easy and unique game play with a twist…
o Line up the key so it enters the slot,
o watch the key twist to un-lock the prize!

Key Master Detail Page

Birmingham Vending’s Sega Page

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