September 20, 2011

San Jose, CA ­ – September 14, 2011 – GLOBAL VR is pleased to announce that the perennial top-earner BLAZING ANGELS is currently shipping in a stand-up cabinet with a 42” LCD display.

Global VR Blazing Angels Upright

One of video coin-op’s most successful flying games, BLAZING ANGELS was originally released to the industry in the spring of 2008. In addition to the stunning graphics and addictive game-play, it also boasts a realistic sit-down cabinet that comes complete with rumble seat and fighter plans controls. Exciting to sit in – fun to play. Since then GLOBAL VR, has received many accolades for the game and many requests for a smaller version so locations with space limitations could also enjoy the benefits of a game of this quality and earning potential. With dimensions of W = 40”, D = 58”, H = 82”, an installed weight of 475 lbs. and all of the controls necessary to pilot a WW II aircraft, this new model fits the bill.

From its introduction, this game captured the imagination of players, young and old, as it transported them back to a time in history that most people have only heard about. Fly over London, Pearl Harbor, and Africa in one of the many realistic WW II aircraft as you tackle the selectable missions. From easy to hard, these missions will keep both novice and experienced players entertained for hours!

blazing angels arcade game

Game Features:

Flight model is realistic yet easy to control
Clearly marked targets make it easy to locate enemies… Perfect for beginners or experienced pilots
360 degree battlefield giving players a full flight model
Perform loop de loops or turn the plane around to finish off a target
Multiple mission objectives are communicated via text and radio chatter to players
Hardware Features:

42″ LCD HD Monitor

Realistic Controls

Unlimited Ammo

Force Feedback Seat

5.1 Surround Sound

Looks Like WWII Fighter


58″L x 40″W x 82″H x 475 lbs.

Birmingham Vending

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Global VR brings Nascar back to the Arcade

August 17, 2007

Nascar Arade for Global VRGlobal VR in conjunction with EA Sports has developed the Nascar Arcade video game in deluxe and standard versions.
You can see it here at Birmingham Vending’s: Website; I had the opportunity to try the game at the recent AAMA gala in Chicago. Their were realistic crashes. The graphics were very good. The game is reasonably prices with a beautiful LCD screen on both the deluxe and standard versions. My favorite feature is the drafting where players can get close to their competitors and then draft by them at a high rate of speed. In a four lap race, there were multiple opportunities to gain and lose the lead. This made for a very exciting game and one that will surely do well in the home and arcade.

From the Manufacturer:

Experience the Thrill of NASCAR® Racing!

EA SPORTS NASCAR® Racing gives players the thrill of the NASCAR racing experience equaled only by the real thing. From the cars, to the drivers, to the NASCAR-Sanctioned Tracks, this racing masterpiece will be seen in locations for years to come. It’s the only game with 6 licensed tracks, including Daytona, Bristol and Talladega. Selectable drivers include Dale Earnhardt Jr. (#8), Jeff Gordon (#24) plus many more. All tracks, drivers and drivers’ cars are accurate in every detail.

Game Features

Linkable up to 10 cabinets
Link up to 10 cabinets to get the complete NASCAR experience.

12 Selectable NASCAR Drivers
Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch, Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle, Denny Hamlin, Jeff Burton, Kasey Kahne, Ryan Newman and Kurt Busch

3 Different Driver Views

6 Selectable NASCAR-Sanctioned Tracks
Daytona International Speedway, Talladega Super Speedway, Bristol Motor Speedway, Phoenix International Speedway, Lowes Motor Speedway and Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Drivers and Tracks may differ in International versions.

Hardware Features:

  • Force-feedback steering for a realistic feel
  • Authentic 4-speed shifter
  • 6-speaker audio system
  • Deluxe cabinet houses a 42″ LCD, roll bars, and control panel delivering completely realistic NASCAR look and feel down to the Goodyear Tires!
  • Standard cabinet combines realistic NASCAR controls with a 32″ LCD for a wild ride!
  • TSUNAMI POWERED Deluxe Motion System