August 12, 2011

Mega Stacker by Lai Games


August 12th, 2011 – LAI Games has created a new prize capsule dispensing version of Mega Stacker for locations without ticket redemption.

LAI Games has responded to the strong demand from operators that want the great revenue earning power of Mega Stacker but don’t have a redemption counter. Unlike the original version of the game, which features major prizes vended from cabinets and tickets vended for the minor prizes, the new version replaces tickets with prize capsules (either 2” or 3”).

With both options now available Mega Stacker is suitable for a much wide range of entertainment locations. With earnings of over $3,000 a week and a $2 or $3 vend price Mega Stacker is proving to be a huge success.

About the new Prize Capsule version of Mega Stacker

Mega Stacker combines both major prize merchandisers and a minor prize capsule dispenser into a single unit. Players reaching the Minor Prize level of the game receive a prize capsule, while those who reach the Major Prize level get to choose a prize from one of five lighted window compartments. Extensive operator-selectable settings, including prize payout, enable operators to maximize profits at many different major prize price points.

At over 8 feet wide and nearly 10 feet tall, Mega Stacker creates a striking presence and is the ideal centre piece for large game rooms. The mega-size LED playfield, dynamic cabinet lighting and pulse-pounding sound effects really pull in the crowds.

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Mega Stacker Means Jumbo Profits!

June 8, 2011

LAI Mega StackerLai Mega Stacker

Mega Stacker is now in a variety of FEC’s, bowling centers, pizza restaurants and resorts, and it’s a huge hit with players! Locations are reporting phenomenal earnings and a fantastic response to the game. Mega Stacker commands attention and gets results!

Mega Stacker
The world’s #1 prize vending machine is back in mega size! Players get the best of both worlds – play 8 Minor Prize levels for tickets and 4 Major Prize levels for attractive prizes,all in on 1!
Striking 10 feet cabinet with mega- sized LED playfield
High security metal cabinet with striking graphics
Powerful subwoofer with dynamic sound effects
Spacious major prize doors:
2 doors – 85cm (34″) x 48cm (19″) x 40cm (16″)
3 doors – 48cm (19″) x 48cm (19″) x 40cm (16″)
Stylish surround lightings
Illuminated metal platform & stainless steel seating bar
Operator adjustable settings
Coin, note acceptor & swipe card ready

“Mega Stacker is the #1 earning game in my arcade. It’s the most enjoyable redemption game I’ve seen.”
– Dino Paspalakis, Owner, Mardi Gras Fun Center, Daytona Beach, FL

“Mega Stacker is consistently one of our top earning games, and it creates a lot of excitement in our game rooms.”
-Steve Veach, National Games Manager : Brunswick Bowling

“Mega Stacker is a great performer – it is one of our top earners in our FEC locations.”
-Caroline Banrevy, President of New Concepts, Magic Games

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