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February 9, 2012

Birmingham Vending is proud to present the Cornilleau brand of table tennis tables.  These are the highest quality ping pong tables on the market.  Cornilleau uses the highest quality materials and stringent manufacturing to produce the best and most reliable Table Tennis products on the market.

Cornilleau 540 Ping Pong Table

Cornilleau 540 Outdoor Table Tennis

Cornilleau has designed, developed, and produced high-quality table tennis (ping pong) tables at their plant in France for more than 40 years.  State-of-the-art production methods, high quality materials, and a thorough quality control process result in the best tables on the market.  Cornilleau tables are produced using galvanized steel and other anti-corrosion materials to provide many years of play.  They are all backed by an excellent warranty with 10-years on the outdoor tops and 3-years on indoor tops and all table frames.  Additionally, all of the portable models are easy to fold, provide the playback feature, and include the patented DSI® safety system.  DSI® allows the table to be opened and closed quickly and safely with a single handle accessible from the playing-edge.  With 16 locking points, Cornilleau tables have the highest level of safety on the market.

Cornilleau Table Tennis Tables


To supply you with reliable, ergonomics, high-performance, quality products that will last, Cornilleau never stop looking for new developments. Here is a presentation of Cornilleau’s different technologies, the result of 60 years of experience.


technicite table

  • 1. the frame : makes the playing surface rigid and flat.
  • 2. the wheels : good resistance and a large diameter ensure excellent rolling quality.
  • 3. the leg assembly : ensures stability for your table.
  • 4. the posts and net : on the ‘Compact Technology’ tables, the posts and net remain fixed, avoiding the need to assemble them at each use.
  • 5. the panel : determines the quality of the bounce. For each type of material (wood or resin), the thicker it is, the higher and more regular the bounce.
    • INDOOR : panel in chipboard ensuring a quality bounce. It offers good value for money. Thicknesses of 19 to 25 mm
      SKILTOP finish : a special treatment for competition, ensuring excellent adherence and a reliable return of spin (Competition range)
    • OUTDOOR : panel in solid resin laminate ensuring resistance to bad weather. Outdoor tables have a longer lifespan: they can remain outdoors without risk of deterioration and are resistant to bat blows. Thicknesses 4 to 7 mm
      MATTOP finish : anti-glare coating to play in the sun without being dazzled.
  • 6. the folding system : the patented ‘Compact Technology’ system ensures optimal safety, easy movement, and minimizes storage space requirements.
  • 7. the locking system : the DSI system ensures the highest level of safety on the market thanks to 16 locking points securing the panels in playing and storage positions. Central unlocking handle.



It is now possible to automatically lock the table in complete safety even on irregular surfaces (lawn, sand, cobblestone, earth) thanks to the new exclusive and patented Locking System. Four safety bolts, 8 locking points in the playing position and 8 locking points in the storage position make it the most safety effective system on the market. For your comfort, we have equipped our tables with a highly efficient and easy to use unlocking handle . Cornilleau thus succeeds in combining comfort and safety for your upmost satisfaction.
Easy to open and close the table by one person only thanks to the new unlocking mechanism with its ergonomics handle (patent pending).


Several risk situations have led to the application of a European safety standard for table tennis tables that has been applied since march 2005 (norm EN 14468-1).


Folding Table Tennis Tables

Every day, our engineers invent and develop systems to reduce the risk of accidents even further.
The COMPACT TECHNOLOGY® folding system reduces the risk of the table falling over, removes altogether any risk of a child getting between the two halves when the table is folded away, and makes the opening and closing of your table easier.
With COMPACT TECHNOLOGY®, no more inconvenience – you can slide your table in anywhere without worrying about it being in the way.


Cornilleau Top

This anti-glare coating developed by Cornilleau will allow you to play for hours without neing dazzled by the sun’s rays. In fact, the MATTOP reflects 10 times fewer rays. This exclusive Cornilleau feature represents real comfort when playing.

Weather-resistant. Fade-resistant white lines. Resists blows from bats. MATTOP®) anti-glare coatings.



Thanks to a quality treatment. We have created strong table tops, offering a high-quality surface, long-lasting as well as asthetic.

  • 1- High Density 3-layer Wooden chipboard
  • 2- Acrylic coating + sanding
  • 3- UV acrylic lacquer
  • 4- Polyurethane lacquer
  • 5- UV acrylic ink


After three years of research and development with engineers from the Michelin laboratories, Cornilleau has launched the first bi-injected composite bat. A product of Cornilleau’s knowledge in table tennis and Michelin’s expertise in rubber, the Tacteo bat offers resistance and durability unequaled on the market with a most innovative design.


The injected polymer blade provides a very solid core offering increased resistance to shocks and humidity. Its unique design offers great ergonomics making it easy to hold.

Raquettes composites


The bi-injection manufacturing process ensures perfect adherence between the blade and the coating. This adhesion of two innovative composite materials allows the creation of the first bat with a coating that will never come off. It offers perfect resistance to the deterioration caused by time and humidity.


Based on the strength of their technical expertise, Michelin engineers have developed the ADS concept, a very dynamic coating with a revolutionary honeycomb structure. The shape of the holes and the great elasticity of the elastomer allows air to be compressed then freed after contact between ball and bat.

Table Tennis at wholesale prices


In this 10,000-square-meter plant, equipped with very powerful modern equipment using the latest technologies, Cornilleau carries out research, design, production and distribution of the highest quality table tennis tables on the market.


All our tables meet EN 14468-1 security standards. To guarantee totally safe products, Cornilleau does not hesitate to go far beyond the requirements of these standards.


To make sure that your table is delivered in perfect condition, Cornilleau has designed a new packaging system that is both solid and easy to use.


You’ll have no problems assembling your table thanks to the very clear and detailed instructions.
For the tables in the (LOGO COMPACT TECHNOLOGY) range, the entire security mechanism is preassembled in the factory using a new design saving 30% on assembly time.
In addition, written instructions plus a label under each panel describe the main safety warnings for use.
You can find all assembly instructions on our website


By choosing a Cornilleau table, you can be certain that you will be able to order and promptly receive spare parts for at least five years. A full list of spare parts available for sale appears in the assembly instructions.


All our tables are under a 3-year warranty. The panels on outdoor tables have a 10-year extended warranty for deformation, delamination, and disappearance of markings.
This warranty is limited to the supply of parts recognized as defective by our services

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