Sega Offically Introduces Key Master Colors

September 26, 2012

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Keymaster Colors logo


Sega Key Master






Because Everything’s Better in
Chessington, Surrey UK, 26 Sept 2012 – SEGA announces the release of Key Master Colors.

Sega Keymaster in Pink

Pink Sega Keymaster

About Key Master
In the fall of 2010, SEGA took delivery of the very first Key Master. Over the past 2 years, Key
Master has gone on to become the No1 game in the industry and has shown itself to be more than just
capable of high earning, it’s a solidly built machine with many features operators and location owners
have been pleasantly surprised by – features that increase reliability, durability, flexibility and security.
But like many prize-vending games, Key Master had an appliance-white, monochromatic color scheme.
About Key Master Colors
Several out-of-the-box operators requested SEGA offer Key Master in other colors.
These operators wanted to bank a number of Key Masters in the same location with each offering a
different prize pack marketed to different demographics i.e. all male prizes, all female prizes, all high
value prizes, etc.
The Problem?
When placed side-by-side, these operators were unable to create enough of a distinction between the
appliance-white games using prizes alone. Players didn’t see enough differences one game to the other
to create awareness, interest, desire and action on their part.

The Solution?
Introducing Key Masters Colors.
“Key Master Colors creates an immediate visual distinction from one game to the other,” said SEGA
US General Manger, Pete Gustafson. “This distinction in colors creates a curious player and a curious
player creates higher revenues and faster ROI’s.” Income tests by SEGA have concluded that the
addition of Key Master Colors does not dilute income across the machines but with the right mix of
merchandise, actually increases the overall income.

SEGA put quite a bit of thought into selecting the five new colors. “Our objective was to create an array
of colors schemes that were both contemporary and visually stimulating,” continued Gustafson. “We
looked to the consumer electronics and sports apparel industries and saw companies like Nike offering
custom color schemes for athletic shoes and Apple offering a wide variety of colors for I-Pods and other
products. Those bright and bold color palates inspired our choices for the five versions of Key Master
The 5 colors are named Coral Pink, Lemon Yellow, Ice Blue, Orange Sherbet and Electric Lime.
Key Master Colors allows operators to place visually distinct games in the same location and
merchandise them for individual demographics,” stated Gustafson. “We envision operators placing Coach
Purses, manicure coupons, and day spa certificates in Coral Pink Key Masters next to an Ice Blue
game loaded with team sports apparel, handheld game consoles, and Madden 13 game software next to
an Electric Lime game fitted with high-end personal consumer electronics devices. The possibilities are
only limited by the operator’s imagination.”

Assembled Dimensions
All versions of Key Master fit in the same assembled foot print – 39”D X 38”W X 73”H.

Sega Key Master by Birmingham Vending

Sega Keymaster in Blue

Blue Sega Keymaster

Birmingham Vending

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Tremendous success with Willie Wheels!

October 25, 2011

Lai Willie Wheels redemption game for children

LAI’s Willie Wheels, is a clear winner! Operators have seen great success with the game in multiple locations including pizza chains, arcade kiddie areas, and FECs. Youngsters are drawn to Willie Wheels because it simulates a real driving experience, while being simple enough for them to enjoy. And they love getting a realistic, collectible “driver’s license” at the end of every game! The characters are reminiscent of Disney/Pixar’s “Cars” movies.

“I think Willie Wheels is a great game for the kids here at Incredible Pizza. It is low maintenance, and we are seeing fantastic earnings from it. It will be a great game for our other locations.”

– Shawn Fargo, America’s Incredible Pizza Co., Springfield, MO

Get kids hooked on driving games early! Let your customers know about Willie Wheels.


  • Compact & Eye-catching Plastic Molded Cabinet Fits a Wide Variety of Venues, e.g. Amusement Locations, Shopping Malls, Cinema Lobbies, Bowling Centers, Retail Outlets, Kiddy Ride locations etc.
  • Vivid 3D Game Environment & 6 Colorful Car Characters to Entice Kids from 3 to 8 years old.
  • 3 Game Levels (Easy – Little World, Medium – Sweet City, & Hard – Amazing Adventure).
  • 32” LCD Display Mounted at Kids’ Comfortable Eye Level.
  • “Car Auto-Move Mode” Helps Amateur Drivers to Complete the Track.
  • Safe Plastic Steering Wheel, Accelerator and Horn Simulate Real Driving Experience.
  • Comes with 1000 pcs. colorful Willy Wheel driver’s licenses
  • Operator Adjustable Settings.
  • Coin, Note Acceptor and Swipe Card Ready.



Birmingham Vending

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Marksman Redemption Game NOW SHIPPING!!!

May 4, 2011

Global VR Marksman

Birmingham Vending brings you Marksman Redemption game by

Global VR

Global VR Marksman

The latest and most affordable Prize Redemption Merchandiser has just landed in the US and is available now. Having made its debut in the United State at the IAAPA Trade Expo, Marksman has been tried and tested and has proven itself to be one of the top earning prize merchandisers currently available. 9 visible prizes make it compelling; the simple and intuitive game play makes it irresistible; the drive to win makes it addictive; and the collections you enjoy makes it totally rewarding.

LOCATIONS                      Avg Income       Overall Rank      Merchandiser
Southern FEC      32 weeks    $977                        #3          #1
Midwest FEC        32 weeks    $641                         #2          #1
Midwest Arcade 33 weeks   $540                         #5          #1
SE Arcade              33 weeks   $382                         #1          #1
SW Arcade             33 weeks   $531                         #1          #1
West Arcade         30 weeks   $730                        #1          #1

The light and bright design helps the game stand out in the crowd and showcases the prizes inside. The adjustable settings make it perfect for all locations and offers operators a “tickets-out” option.

Pure skill game with adjustable difficulty levels
Very bright and visible prize compartments for varied valued prizes
9 prize compartments
Tickets out optional
Up to 1 in 999 payout adjustable


68.11″H x 44.1″W x 23.62″D

Birmingham Vending

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Adrenaline Shipping New TouchFX 3-Player

May 3, 2011

Birmingham Vending is Proud to represent the Adrenaline FX

Adrenaline Shipping New TouchFX 3-Player

TouchFX 3-Player
Adrenaline Amusements recently launched its new TouchFX three-station touchscreen videogame, complementing the single- and two-player versions of the piece. All are earning well, according to the supplier. TouchFX utilizes a 46″ touchscreen display and offers smart-phone-style game play optimized for on-location performance. Players use their fast finger action to score points and best their opponents.

The three-player version was debuted at this spring’s Amusement Expo in Las Vegas, as well as last month’s Deal Show in Dubai.
Birmingham Vending


Super sized multi-touch experience: from 3.5″ iphone to 46″ TouchFX

Offered with Fruit Ninja: 2.5 million times purchased blockbuster game

Studied foot print: 48 inch diameter for 3 games / 3 players / 3 screens

An investment: Offering more new games for the operator to choose from


Floor: 48″L x 48″W x 96″H
Box: 76″L x 50″W x 96″H
Weight: 400 lbs.
Power: 110 / 220

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Andamiro’s Winners’ Cube – A Sure-Fire Winner

May 2, 2011

Andamiro’s most popular – Winners’ Cube – is finally in stock and ready to be shipped immediately.

Andamiro Logo

Winners' Cube

Winners Cube is a prize machine from Andamiro. In the game players must control the movement of a slim rod which is mounted onto a motorized mechanism. The rod moves horizontally and vertically, with the player using the two buttons on the control panel to control direction.

Once the button is released, the movement of the rod will stop at the location of the desired position. Players will have 20 seconds to plan, and position the rod so that it is aligned to an opening hole of the prize display. Once the rod is positioned successfully, the motorized mechanism will proceed to extend the rod into the hole where it will push a prize off the clear display shelf and drop the prize into the redemption basket.

Its profit-earning capabilities have put Winners’ Cube on the top of every distributor’s list. You can expect
a consistent income stream by maximizing earning potential through customizing level of difficulty and a
wide range of prize selections for each row.

Protection against loss of prizes also makes it a sturdy investment. Game will not dispense prize
through prize chute when forced as the prizes will fall back into the lower cavity of the cabinet. The UPS
(Uninterrupted Power Supply), the back-up battery unit, also protects against loss of power and will shut
the trap door automatically to prevent prizes falling through the prize chute.

Birmingham Vending

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Another LAI Game Hits the Charts!

April 26, 2011

Birmingham Vending is proud to represent the LAI Stack N’ Grab

Lai Stack N Grab on the Charts

LAI Stack N' Grab by Birmingham Vending

Lai Games Stack N Grab

Lai Stack N Grab

Stack N' Grab

Lai Stack N' Grab at Factory

Stack ‘N’ Grab is the new plush merchandiser that gives players two fun experiences in one. First, they play a shortened game of Stacker and attempt to stack the LED blocks to the top of the playfield. If successful, they then get to select a guaranteed prize with the crane claw. Patent pending.

Conquer all 10 levels of Stacker block building game & use the claw to grab a guaranteed prize of your choice. STACK IT, GRAB IT & WIN IT
Powder coated steel and tempered glass cabinet.
Vivid 3D internal/external cabinet graphics.
Stunning lighting and sound effects.
Exclusive 4-prong power claw.
Single door access with secure 3 pin locking system.
Interchangeable claws for 4″-8″ and 8″-14″ toys.
Strong lockable wheels.
Excellent operator adjustable settings and audits.
Coin, note acceptor and debit card ready.
Mechanical coin and prize meters.
Unique entertainment option for families and children in any location.
Assembled Dimensions:
45″(115cm) L x 36″ (91cm) W x 80″ (202cm) H
Weight = 578lb (262kg)

Birmingham Vending

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Dynamo Offers New Sedona Pool Table

April 25, 2011

Birmingham Vending is proud to present the new Sedona Pool Table by Dynamo

Dynamo Sedona Pool Table


Valley-Dynamo is debuting its new Dynamo Sedona and Sedona DBA pool tables. Finished in a rich new Amarillo Burl laminate, the Sedona tables incorporate the factory’s aptly named “death-to-the-dead-spot” rail technology and enlarged clean out door for easier access and storage space.

Sedona DBA improves on the landmark Dynamo Pro Plus with all new electronics. A new motherboard with improved programming flexibility, additional bonus and happy hour functions, convenient program copying, battery protection and league dues capability are teamed up with an MEI dollar bill acceptor. For added reliability, the Sedona upgrades to an 18 amp battery and a new Quick Charger. Conveniently located behind the enlarged clean out door, the new battery is more readily accessible for charging and replacement as needed. A quick metering function has been added; simply holding the start button will display the battery voltage with no meter needed. If that battery loses all power, the new board incorporates an onboard battery to preserve clock settings.

Dynamo Sedona retains popular features of the brand, including the Magnetic Cougar Cue Ball by Aramith, one-wrench leveling, and the time-tested separator with no moving parts.

*Exclusive quiet package reduces noise of ball return system
*Reinforced ABS molded legs and easy-adjustment leg levelers
*Magnetic cue ball separator has no moving parts; designed to separate both magnetic and oversized balls
*New “Death to the Dead Spot” rails for improved play action
*Hardwood rails screwed into table for stronger construction and easy replacement
*High-quality cabinet construction; wear parts covered with metal or plastic for longer life
*Push lock pocket fasteners secure rubber pocket liners
*Heavy gauge, galvanized steel slate support
*Enlarged clean out door for easier access and
*Imported slate

Birmingham Vending

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Coastal Sea Wolf Available at Birmingham Vending Company

January 30, 2008

A great new product from Coastal Amusements and Birmingham Vending Company is the Sea Wolf Redemption Game.

Coastal Sea Wolf Redemption Game at Birmingham Vending


33″ W x 55″ D (75″ w/ seat) x 70″ H

Weight: 470 lbs.

Coastal Sea Wolf Redemption Game at Birmingham Vending

You can purchase a Sea Wolf Redemption game at Birmingham Vending Company by clicking here:

Sea Wolf Redemption Game

SHREK PINBALL MACHINE – GREAT TITLE – FROM STERN PINBALL – Birmingham Vending’s Pinball assortment

January 30, 2008

Birmingham Vending and Stern Pinball are proud to announce the introduction of the New Shrek pinball available soon. Click here to find out more about the pinball or to purchase:

Shrek Pinball at Birmingham Vending

Stern Shrek Pinball Machine at

Everybody’s favorite Ogre is making his way to pinball! DreamWorks Animation’s SHREK® franchise is the highest grossing animated movie franchise of all time and now has an officially-licensed pinball machine.

Pat Lawlor Design, along with software and rules designers Lonnie Ropp and Mike Kyzivat, designed the SHREK pinball, featuring eye-popping, original art from John Youssi, newly elected Pinball Hall of Fame artist. Mark Galvez and Tom Kyzivat created original dot matrix display art for the pinball.

The SHREK pinball machine’s main feature is Donkey’s mini-playfield, a small pinball playfield that sits in the upper right hand corner. It has mini-flippers that the player controls with the regular flipper buttons when the game is in ‘Donkey mini-playfield’ mode. The mini-playfield has ramps and targets to shoot at while an actual Donkey figurine spins in front of the mini-playfield.

Additional features on the game include: figurines of five SHREK characters, including Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots®, Princess Fiona and Gingy®. A mirror sculpture of Prince Charming sits in the center of the playfield and can be struck by the pinball. Two captive pinballs spell out P-I-N-B-A-L-L when hit; and SHREK also includes plenty of exciting multi-ball action.

“SHREK pinball has great depth and is fun and easy to understand for the casual player. This is a great game for both home owners and game operators,” said Gary Stern, President of Stern Pinball.

Shrek Pinball at Birmingham Vending Company


Wheel of Fortune Logo

Wheel of Fortune Pinball Machine at Birmingham Vending

This year, Wheel of Fortune, television’s #1 syndicated series, celebrates its 25th Anniversary. Stern Pinball, Inc. honors this achievement with its newest pinball machine, WHEEL OF FORTUNE™.

The WHEEL OF FORTUNE™ pinball machine is the perfect piece for all locations, especially street locations. In many bars the game show is shown 5 nights a week. It will also win over avid Wheel of Fortune viewers, including the 4 million members of the Wheel Watchers Club. This title will be extremely popular for home sales when operators complete their use of the game.

pinball features original speech by Pat Sajak, host of the Wheel of Fortune television show, as well as Charlie O’Donnell, the show’s announcer. Backglass art also features Pat Sajak and co-host Vanna White.

Dennis Nordman, Keith Johnson, and the engineering staff at Stern Pinball designed the WHEEL OF FORTUNE™ pinball machine.

The WHEEL OF FORTUNE™ pinball machine plays like the television game show. Pinball players start the game by spinning the wheel on the playfield, thus collecting points and/or prizes in their Prize Bank. Players must then hit the three bobble head contestants to collect consonants and vowels, to solve the puzzle on the dot matrix display. Once the puzzle is solved, the player collects the points and/or prizes in their Prize Bank.

The WHEEL OF FORTUNE™ pinball machine offers exciting features, including: 1. A mechanical spinning wheel on the playfield; 2. Three animated, bobble head contestants that call out puzzle letters when hit; 3. A dot matrix display in the backbox that shows the puzzle; 4. A mini dot matrix display in the playfield that directs the player during gameplay; 5. Challenging in-line drop targets; and 6.Lots of multi-ball action.

Kevin O’Connor and Margaret Hudson created the art for WHEEL OF FORTUNE™, while David Thiel did the sound.

Dennis Nordman says, “Everyone will easily comprehend the basic rules of this game, solving puzzles that appear in the dot matrix display. It’s classic ‘complete a sequence’ pinball.”

Gary Stern says, “WHEEL OF FORTUNE™ is a great game designed by great designers. Dennis last did our Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and Keith is responsible for the rules of The Simpsons™/Pinball Party and The Lord of the Rings™.”

You can purchase the Pinball at Birmingham Vending’s Website at:

Wheel of Fortune Pinball at Birmingham Vending

Another Great Pinball Machine available at Birmingham Vending Company is the:

SPIDERMAN BLACK – Collectible pinball from Stern Pinball.

Spiderman Black image from Stern Pinball

Spiderman Black image at Birmingham Vending Company
Take the Amazing Spider-Man smash hit Pinball from Stern and create a very collectible, Limited Edition game just in time for the Holidays.

All new on this game:

New Artwork for Translite featuring the Black Spider-Man.

New Artwork for the game cabinet featuring the Black Spider-Man.

New Chrome Body Armor featuring etched Spider-Web design.

Steve Ritchie says, “Many hours have gone into the making of SPIDER-MAN™ pinball machine. Lyman Sheats has created a set of elegant yet simple rules that anyone can learn in a few plays. SPIDER-MAN™ pinball is a game of speed, flow and constant action and excitement. Lyman and I have always wanted to make a SPIDER-MAN™ pinball game since forever, and it contains the best work and ideas of many people who work at Stern Pinball. We are extremely pleased with the results, and we think you will be, too!”

Kevin O’Conner utilized the film’s art resources and created the back glass and playfield art, while Marc Shoenberg and Mark Galvez also worked with the film’s art direction, to produce the cabinet art. The pinball machine has a phenomenal music and a sound package composed and adapted by David Thiel, along with over 800 speech calls. The game also features stunning dot matrix animations created by Mark Galvez, recapturing key scenes form Spider-Man , Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man 3. Earning very well and eminently collectable, SPIDER-MAN™ pinball from Stern is a solid and entertaining package that will rock the pinball universe.Dimensions:

76″ H x 28″ W x 55″ D x 300 lbs.

You can purchase a New Spiderman Black Pinball at Birmingham Vending Company by clicking here:

Spiderman Black Pinball Machine at Birmingham Vending

Birmingham Vending Company is also offering: The Limited Edition Dale Jr. Pinball From Stern pinball

Stern Dale Earnhardt Jr. Pinball at Birmingham Vending Company

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Crest

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. is one of the world’s most popular drivers today. Now Stern Pinball, Inc. follows suit with the Dale Earnhardt, Jr.™ Limited Edition Pinball, a six hundred, chrome-trimmed model. Designed by Pat Lawlor and his team at Pat Lawlor Design, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.™ Pinball features the high energy of racing along with the fascination of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Pinball features the Dale Earnhardt, Inc. red 8 car along with Budweiser marks. Stern offers two optional backglasses, one with Budweiser marks for those accounts that are primarily adult locations, and another without Budweiser marks.

A primary component of the Dale Earnhardt, Jr.™ Pinball is the racetrack that encompasses the entire playing surface. Energized by magnets, the loop sends pinballs racing around like cars racing around a track. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.™ Pinball also features a truck hauler that the player can launch a ball through.

Other features of the game include a voice over from Allen Bestwick, television analyst for NBC, and recording artist Sammy Hagar’s “I Can’t Drive 55”, a popular tune among fans.

Two great pinball artists have combined their efforts on the Dale Earnhardt, Jr.™ Pinball art. John Youssi did the backglass, while Kevin O’Connor made the cabinet and playfield.

Gary Stern says, “We will make the #8 Dale Jr. Budweiser Pinball once and never again. We will make six hundred of the Limited Edition-no more.”

You can purchase a Dale Jr. Pinball at Birmingham Vending Company by clicking here:

Stern Dale Earnhardt Jr. Limited Edition Pinball

Pirates of the Carribean is another great pinball available at Birmingham Vending Company

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball machine

Stern Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean

The greatest pirate adventure of all-time is now the latest pinball machine from Stern Pinball, Inc. Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean pinball features exciting elements from the first movie, as well as the box office record-breaking, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean/Dead Man’s Chest.

For those fans of the movies, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine adapts the characters and settings from the two Disney films perfectly into a pinball playfield. Two former Williams’ developers designed Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, game designer Dennis Nordman and rules designer/software engineer Dwight Sullivan.

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean is the perfect title and theme for a pinball,” Gary Stern says. “It lends itself to lots of mechanical action pinball shots and toys for casual players, yet the story cries for deep rules to challenge the best players.”

The goal of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean pinball is to go on a pirate adventure to defeat Davy Jones, Jack’s nemesis in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean/Dead Man’s Chest.

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean offers the following features:

  • A mechanical pirate ship that the player strikes with the pinball. With each hit, the ship lowers its sails and eventually sinks into the playfield, thus revealing a shot into the Kraken’s mouth. In this area, the player can sink the ship, destroy the Kraken, and fight Davy Jones.
  • A mechanical treasures chest, the Dead Man’s Chest, through which the player can shoot the ball. When the player has the KEY, the chest opens. They can then spell H-E-A-R-T to begin HEART multi-ball.
  • A contained spinning rubber disk where the player can capture up to three pinballs. The disk bounces them around in the contained area and holds them for an extended period of time till the player starts multi-ball. The disk sometimes represents Tortuga and other times Port Royal.
  • A map compass comprised of playfield inserts that shows the player each feature they need to finish. Complete all eight features and play Four Winds Multi-ball.

Kevin O’Connor created the artwork for Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine. David Thiel, former IT and Microsoft sound engineer, developed the sound and music for the game. Together the team delivered a great package of sound and art.

Stern Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Backglass

stern disney's pirates of the caribbean playfield

You can purchase a Stern Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball at Birmingham Vending Company by clicking here.

Stern Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball at Birmingham Vending Company

Turn Key Redemption Package – Great for locations wanting to get into Redemption

August 24, 2007

bvc logo
Benchmark Logo
Baytek Games Logo

Birmingham Vending Company, Benchmark and Baytek Games are proud to announce a Turnkey redemption package that is suitable for all types of locations.

Prize redemption has always been an important part of the amusement industry. As alternative forms of entertainment have become available, Prize redemption has taken on a new level of importance for maintaining customer loyalty, providing fun, interactive, and value added entertainment for your guests. Customers are no longer willing to go to a restaurant, pizza place, bowling alley, ect. and spend large amounts of money on standard video games. Today’s consumer is more selective.


Customer Loyalty
Value Added Entertainment
Cannot be replicated at home
Customers stay in your location longer
Customers visit more frequently

Very strong revenue stream

Very good return on investment

Increased entertainment adds to more special events, birthday parties, team parties, church groups, ect.

In the past, when you wished to add redemption to your location, you would need to have a counter with staff to count tickets and redeem prizes. This is not cost efficient when the location is slow. Now thanks to todays increasingly sophisticated games, you can purchase a Tickets to Prizesticketstoprizes_md.jpg which offers customers the ability to win tickets in the games and redeem them for themselves out of this self service machine.

Tickets to Prizes:

Self-contained redemption center, for unattended and attended locations!
Insert tickets and select a prize. Holds 1200+ prizes!

Uses bar code security with accurate & reliable 4-way bar code recognition.

Buy additional tickets as needed. Unused tickets are refunded!

Self-cleaning feature: high-pressure air blast every 300 tickets keeps optos dust free!
Efficient scissor cutters, self-cleaning mechanism, fail-safe systems, and self-destruct protection make tickets to prizes by far the most reliable machine of its kind!

Tickets to Prizes gives you the confidence to reliably operate it unattended

In conjunction with the Tickets to Prizes, Baytek and Benchmark have put together an equipment package that turns your location into a REDEMPTION CENTER.

There is an eight game package that includes:
Tickets to Prizes
Slam a Winner
Wheel Deal Double

Big Rig Truckin
Lil Hoops
Speed Demon
Wonder Wheel
Chameleon Paradize

You can also get the Twelve Game Package that includes all of the above +:
a Second Fireball
Smokin’ Token
Ticket Troopers

By purchasing this as a turn key package you also get a spare parts package and Two full prize kits valued at $1500. There is also a substantial savings on shipping by purchasing the games at one time.

Redemption adds so much value to a location, not to mention fabulous earnings. This is really a great opportunity for locations and operators alike.