Andamiro’s Winners’ Cube – A Sure-Fire Winner

May 2, 2011

Andamiro’s most popular – Winners’ Cube – is finally in stock and ready to be shipped immediately.

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Winners' Cube

Winners Cube is a prize machine from Andamiro. In the game players must control the movement of a slim rod which is mounted onto a motorized mechanism. The rod moves horizontally and vertically, with the player using the two buttons on the control panel to control direction.

Once the button is released, the movement of the rod will stop at the location of the desired position. Players will have 20 seconds to plan, and position the rod so that it is aligned to an opening hole of the prize display. Once the rod is positioned successfully, the motorized mechanism will proceed to extend the rod into the hole where it will push a prize off the clear display shelf and drop the prize into the redemption basket.

Its profit-earning capabilities have put Winners’ Cube on the top of every distributor’s list. You can expect
a consistent income stream by maximizing earning potential through customizing level of difficulty and a
wide range of prize selections for each row.

Protection against loss of prizes also makes it a sturdy investment. Game will not dispense prize
through prize chute when forced as the prizes will fall back into the lower cavity of the cabinet. The UPS
(Uninterrupted Power Supply), the back-up battery unit, also protects against loss of power and will shut
the trap door automatically to prevent prizes falling through the prize chute.

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