VendEver, LLC “Makers of the Coin Operated Cotton Candy Vendor” Acquires Larger Facility –

June 10, 2011

Increases Testing and Post Manufacturing Production

Las Vegas, NV – June 3, 2011 – VendEver, LLC recently expanded it’s testing and post manufacturing production to handle more machines. “We needed the space to increase the number of machines and ensure each of our machines are thoroughly tested. Each machine is then certified, after a 200 vend test by a certified specialist before leaving our loading docks”, Leffke, CEO, mentioned. The new location is is in Henderson, NV at 7360 Eastgate Road, Suite 110.

The Cotton Candy Factories are made in Taiwan and assembled in Las Vegas before being shipped to customers in the North America and Mexico.

The Cotton Candy Factory provides operators in both Vending and Amusement and Games a profitable way to operate in each of the industries. The profit margins are higher than normal vending machines and provide both the Amusement and Vending industry a crossover.

A typical vend price ranges from $2.00 – $3.00. With a product cost of .10 cents, that leaves a large margin to pay off the machine and have maintain high profitability.

VendEver, LLC is built on the principles of making quality products and providing the best customer service in the industry. We don’t work for just your first purchase. Instead, we are committed to earning your business for years to come. The COTTON CANDY FACTORY is the most unique vending machine that will allows your business to grow, whether it is new or established location.

Cotton Candy Vendor


Cotton Candy Factory

The BEST way to make the BEST tasting cotton candy that is warm, fresh and NOT STICKY like normal cotton candy. Unlike the “old standard way” our Cotton Candy Factory needs no attendant, confines any mess to inside the bowl and maintains optimum cooking temperature to server the finest fresh product while also producing the highest profit product of any vending machine!

Our Cotton Candy Factory does it all for your customers and makes you more money!

No Attendant = No labor cost!

Our Cotton Candy Factory makes a lot of “Dollars and Sense” for Operators.



Stainless Steel Interior
Easy to clean & maintain with no cheap plastics to break, discolor or need to be replaced over time.
Simplified Operation & Mechanics
Less moving parts mean less mechanical problems. Uses NO water in production.
State-of-the-Art Technology
Uses only easy-to-find familiar parts, such as reliable optic sensors used throughout machine.
Spin Head Operates at Normal Specs
Normal operating speed and heat = less wear and tear on critical mechanisms and components.
Uses Ordinary Table Sugar
Use granulated white sugar for 100% Natural Cotton Candy or add flossine to sugar for flavor & color . VendEver recommends using only Wal-Mart brand Great Value sugar for the ideal granular structure and compatibility with Gold Medal’s Econo Floss spin head.
Programmable Electronic Coin Acceptor
Can be programmed to accept any coin or token and eliminates many jammed coin service calls.
Dollar Bill Validator
ICT A6 Validator for $1 & $5 bills acceptance.

Birmingham Vending

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Mega Stacker Means Jumbo Profits!

June 8, 2011

LAI Mega StackerLai Mega Stacker

Mega Stacker is now in a variety of FEC’s, bowling centers, pizza restaurants and resorts, and it’s a huge hit with players! Locations are reporting phenomenal earnings and a fantastic response to the game. Mega Stacker commands attention and gets results!

Mega Stacker
The world’s #1 prize vending machine is back in mega size! Players get the best of both worlds – play 8 Minor Prize levels for tickets and 4 Major Prize levels for attractive prizes,all in on 1!
Striking 10 feet cabinet with mega- sized LED playfield
High security metal cabinet with striking graphics
Powerful subwoofer with dynamic sound effects
Spacious major prize doors:
2 doors – 85cm (34″) x 48cm (19″) x 40cm (16″)
3 doors – 48cm (19″) x 48cm (19″) x 40cm (16″)
Stylish surround lightings
Illuminated metal platform & stainless steel seating bar
Operator adjustable settings
Coin, note acceptor & swipe card ready

“Mega Stacker is the #1 earning game in my arcade. It’s the most enjoyable redemption game I’ve seen.”
– Dino Paspalakis, Owner, Mardi Gras Fun Center, Daytona Beach, FL

“Mega Stacker is consistently one of our top earning games, and it creates a lot of excitement in our game rooms.”
-Steve Veach, National Games Manager : Brunswick Bowling

“Mega Stacker is a great performer – it is one of our top earners in our FEC locations.”
-Caroline Banrevy, President of New Concepts, Magic Games

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Beat the Summer Heat with the #1 Water Game!

June 7, 2011

Lai Firefighter by Birmingham Vending

Fire Fighter

LAI Firefighter

Fire Fighter, a two player water gun game that uses recycled water and has no plumbing requirements. The water cannon is directional controlled to limit the water jet to inside the Fiberglass playfield. Players aim the water cannon and spray water on a target with the challenge being to keep the water cannon steady on target and put out the ‘fire’ in the building from the top down – level by level, floor by floor. In 2 player game mode the winner is the player who puts out the fire in his building first. Single player games play against the computer.


Blog published June 2011. Pricing and discount subject to change without notice::::


LAI Firefighter Water Race Ticket Redemption Game


1 or 2 player Water Shooting Game

First player who puts out the fire wins!

Self contained fiberglass tub with powerful built-in water pump and filter

Requires minimal amount of water (2 gallons) to operate

3 Reward options – Ticket Dispenser, Coupon Dispenser or Amusement only

Width 1092 mm (42″)
Height 2049 mm (80″)
Depth 1615 mm (63″)

replay chart showing firefighter redemption game earning potentialLai Firefighter redemption arcade gameLai Firefighter redemption arcade gamelai firefighter chart showing return on investment

Birmingham Vending

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Andamiro’s’s Winners’ Cube Classic – More Than Meets the Eye

May 12, 2011

Andamiro Winners Cube Classic

What hides beneath this enticingly addictive, sleekly designed cabinet? Highly customizable prize options, a tilt alarm, and an L-shaped mount bracket.

The most significant feature of the Winners’ Cube Classic is the option of customizing the difficulty of all 12 cells. According to your preference, you can put in 12 prizes – all of different value ranging from high to low – in the cubes to maximize your earning potential. And despite its sleek physique, it is sturdier than it looks. The tilt alarm, which sounds when the cabinet is shaken, and the L-shaped mount bracket, to install the cabinet onto the wall, is a standard feature in every Winners’ Cube Classic for extra protection, while plexiglass guards your treasures inside.

For the family location operator looking for a space efficient option and to the street operators looking for a tough cabinet to weather the elements, Winners’ Cube Classic is your best bet.

Birmingham Vending

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Smart Industries introduces GREAT GAMES FOR YOUR ROUTE OR F.E.C.

May 5, 2011

Great Products from Birmingham Vending and Smart Industries


Smart Hole-In-Win Self Redemption Game

Hole-N-Win is an exciting new self-merchandiser created to generate high profits. This game features prizes hanging from a free release mechanism. Players try to drop a mechanically operated plunger through 4 different holes to win corresponding prizes. This great new game features the Smart 7th Generation operating system which is renowned for its dependability and reliability. We are so confident in this system, it carries a 3 year limited warranty.

The Hole In Win is MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Smart Candy House Crane

“The Smart Candy House cranes are an excellent addition to my locations. I added two units side by side in one location and the kids play them constantly. The look is so unique. When kids see the flashing lollipops on the corners, they head straight for them. Without a doubt, every Amusement Center, Bowling Alley, FEC, and Skating Rink should have this crane in their locations. The results are in the cashbox.”
– Kreider Amusement Company

Kids will be drawn from all around to this bright, attractive crane. From the candy rope lights and light-up roof to the big lollipop on top, this crane will keep them coming back over and over again. Perfect as a “winner every time” crane. Fits through standard doorways with roof attached, and fits under standard 8′ ceilings with lollipop topper added.

Birmingham Vending

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Marksman Redemption Game NOW SHIPPING!!!

May 4, 2011

Global VR Marksman

Birmingham Vending brings you Marksman Redemption game by

Global VR

Global VR Marksman

The latest and most affordable Prize Redemption Merchandiser has just landed in the US and is available now. Having made its debut in the United State at the IAAPA Trade Expo, Marksman has been tried and tested and has proven itself to be one of the top earning prize merchandisers currently available. 9 visible prizes make it compelling; the simple and intuitive game play makes it irresistible; the drive to win makes it addictive; and the collections you enjoy makes it totally rewarding.

LOCATIONS                      Avg Income       Overall Rank      Merchandiser
Southern FEC      32 weeks    $977                        #3          #1
Midwest FEC        32 weeks    $641                         #2          #1
Midwest Arcade 33 weeks   $540                         #5          #1
SE Arcade              33 weeks   $382                         #1          #1
SW Arcade             33 weeks   $531                         #1          #1
West Arcade         30 weeks   $730                        #1          #1

The light and bright design helps the game stand out in the crowd and showcases the prizes inside. The adjustable settings make it perfect for all locations and offers operators a “tickets-out” option.

Pure skill game with adjustable difficulty levels
Very bright and visible prize compartments for varied valued prizes
9 prize compartments
Tickets out optional
Up to 1 in 999 payout adjustable


68.11″H x 44.1″W x 23.62″D

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Andamiro’s Winners’ Cube – A Sure-Fire Winner

May 2, 2011

Andamiro’s most popular – Winners’ Cube – is finally in stock and ready to be shipped immediately.

Andamiro Logo

Winners' Cube

Winners Cube is a prize machine from Andamiro. In the game players must control the movement of a slim rod which is mounted onto a motorized mechanism. The rod moves horizontally and vertically, with the player using the two buttons on the control panel to control direction.

Once the button is released, the movement of the rod will stop at the location of the desired position. Players will have 20 seconds to plan, and position the rod so that it is aligned to an opening hole of the prize display. Once the rod is positioned successfully, the motorized mechanism will proceed to extend the rod into the hole where it will push a prize off the clear display shelf and drop the prize into the redemption basket.

Its profit-earning capabilities have put Winners’ Cube on the top of every distributor’s list. You can expect
a consistent income stream by maximizing earning potential through customizing level of difficulty and a
wide range of prize selections for each row.

Protection against loss of prizes also makes it a sturdy investment. Game will not dispense prize
through prize chute when forced as the prizes will fall back into the lower cavity of the cabinet. The UPS
(Uninterrupted Power Supply), the back-up battery unit, also protects against loss of power and will shut
the trap door automatically to prevent prizes falling through the prize chute.

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