Kalkomat Boxer Fire – Great Quality – Great Price – All Boxers are not created equal:::

Coin Operated Boxer

The Kalkomat Fire Boxer is the low cost option from the leading boxer manufacturer “KALKOMAT“. There are many boxer options on the internet, but they are not all created equal. At Birmingham Vending, we have tried all of the major brands that are available, with some very disappointing results. If you are interested in a boxer, reliability is the key factor to making this a good investment for you business. The boxing machine will make a great deal of money on location. The lost revenue from machine breakdowns can be significant.

Boxer Fire is a punching bag style boxing machine with modern electronics, that is extremely silent, and produces both: fun and amazing profits in different locations like pubs, bars, clubs etc. Design of this machine is flashy, compact and durable. The boxing machine is covered with eye-catching stickers. This boxer machine is equipped with an extra secured cash box. The boxing game is available in various languages, with many different voice messages and music soundtracks.

Technical data of Boxer Fire and more pictures below.

Height: 84” / 213 cm
Width: 28” / 70 cm
Depth: 49” / 125 cm
Weight: 276 lb / 125 kg

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