Elaut’s Wizard of Oz Pusher is Amazing!

Elaut Wizard of Oz Pusher

After delivering just four of Elaut’s Wizard of Oz Pushers to New Jersey locations since the middle of June, Elaut USA’s topper Jack Guarnieri reports that he is meeting demand for the game by flying them in from Belgium. “This is something that I have never seen before in my 36 years in the industry” said Jack. Steve Whalen from Lucky Leo’s in Seaside took delivery of a second Wizard of Oz Pusher in as many weeks. “Steve is one of the smart operators who recognize that with a limited season you need to make the most you can from it” continued Jack “The guys just want the game as soon as they can get it, there was no difference if it got here before the July 4th weekend or not, they realize this game is something special with a long lasting play appeal that will be earning for 25+ years”

The reach of the game is spreading with two units heading to Ocean City Maryland and one more to Orlando. Orders are coming in and three more games are set to fly from Belgium next Monday. These are not small games but even with the added cost of airfreight, the game commands the investment.

In a conversation Jack had this past Sunday with Veteran Operator “Doc” Marty Shapiro from Gateway 26, Marty commented “The players are three deep on the game from the minute we open until the minute we close. I have never seen a game like this”.

wizard of oz pusher at birmingham vending

The game is more than a “pusher”, it’s truly amazing and something to see in action on location.

Birmingham Vending

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  1. Kris10 says:

    I love this game!!

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