LAI Slam N Jam – Great Full Size Basketball Game

LAI Slam N Jam Coin Operated Basketball

Coin-op basketball games are some of the hottest on the market, and LAI’s Slam ‘N’ Jam is seeing a spike in sales right now, especially to the bar market. And it’s no surprise. Slam ‘N’ Jam is a full-size, full featured basketball game at an affordable price. It is a year-round earner, and a great choice for locations catering to sports-loving adults.

Slam ‘N’ Jam!

Slam ‘N’ Jam Features

· Bank up to 8 Slam ‘N’ Jams with the optional Progressive Jackpot Overhead Display which displays the score to beat and the number of bonus tickets to be won

Compact design fits normal ceiling heights
End-of-game 10 second 3 point basket frenzy!
Player selectable “Link” or “Solo” game modes
Operator adjustments include:

Match feature – if the players score matches the Match number, they win a free game!

Double Ticket Feature – If a player starts their game with the Double ticket Light flashing, they win double tickets during their game! Double Ticket light comes on if Slam ‘N’ Jam has not been played for 15-20 minutes (operator adjustable)
Durable cabinet design with side frames that prevent basketballs from bouncing out
3 Reward options – Ticket Dispenser, Coupon Dispenser or Amusement only

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