Beer Ball: Advertisements, they are the thing to do.

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They’re the thing to do!



Adding an advertisement to your Beer Ball game can help the revenue in your game and at your location! That makes everyone happy!


Some things you might want to put on your advertisements:

– Game Specials (ex. Score of 450 or higher enters you in monthly drawing)

-League Specials (ex. League members get half off appetizers during league play)

-Beer Ball Merchandise

-Happy Hour Specials

-Events (a band is playing, fundraiser, or there is a tournament)

– Social Networking (add your Facebook link on the screen)

-the list can go on and on and on and on!!


Here are the simple steps to loading an advertisement to your Beer Ball:


1. Click List Lanes on the left tool bar.

2. Clicking “Change Advertisement” on Lane 1 will allow you to add two pictures to the attract mode on the monitor.

3. Photo advertisements should not exceed 1280 x 640 pixels in size, but they can include anything imaginable; text and pictures, food specials, big winners, etc.

4. Images will only show on Lane 1.

5. Scrolling text advertisements can be customized on each Lane specifically during league and tournament play.



What the heck are Socia-Balls??

Socia-ball= Loads of Fun:

The socai-ball frames are what make Beer Ball the most fun game around. The league coordinator will yell out a socia-ball frame and the players have to do exaclty what the coordinator says no matter how silly it looks. If the coordinator yells “backwards roll” the players will have to roll backwards during those frames.

Some recommendations:
Have a socia-ball at least once per game
Have the socia-ball in the middle of a game
Try to change the socia-ball up from week to week, get creative the players start to look foward to what each week will bring them
Have themes! Ex. Halloween make your Beer Ballers into mummies
Raise your glass and yell “SOCIA-BALL” every time you hear socia-ball!
Example rounds:
Opposite Hand: The player rolls using their non-dominate hand
Blind-fold Round: The player rolls blindfolded
Granny Roll: The player rolls using a two-handed, underhand roll
Chair Roll: Everyone needs to sit in a chair or on a bar stool and roll
No Spill Beer Roll: The player holds a freshly poured pint of beer above their shoulder while rolling their round
Most importanly make socia-balls FUN!!
* NOTE: Socia-Ball frames are a software feature available in the new Beer Ball games, the monitor communicates to the player when it’s time for a Socia-Ball!! *

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