Coast to Coast Entertainment Friction Gun Video Game is a Great Earner!

Coast to Coast Entertainment Friction Gun Kit

Birmingham Vending is Proud to offer the Friction kit for $1850 as a special price. Call 1-800-288-7635 or email to order.

(special pricing is subject to change without notice / June 9, 2011)

Coast to Coast Entertainment released the Friction Gun Game Kit earlier this year and it has proven to be a huge winner. It’s one of the most cost effective video game out there right now, priced just under $2,000. Friction is a two-player, gun game video kit. It is designed to be easy to play with something for the casual player, as well as the experienced gamer. The kit is reasonably priced and can go in almost any cabinet you might have, as it supports EGA, VGA and CGA monitors. The kit comes complete with everything you need. A dedicated large version game will be available soon.

The Friction video gun game kit can be used in any one of these game cabinets, Area 51, Big Buck Hunter II, Golden Tee ’99 and Street Fighter Alpha 2. The Friction Kit contains the following: PC, IO Board, Wiring harness, Support DVD with graphics that can be customized to your cabinet, Marquee, Buttons, 2 Happ guns, 2 Holsters, Manual, VGA cable, Audio cable, The Marquee and finally, Packaging Materials and Manual.

“The kit has yielded impressive earnings while being offered at one of the most competitive price in the industry,” said Coast to Coast Sales & Marketing Manager, Jenny Dumerve. For the past few months we have been keeping up with the demand and shipping every completed kit as soon as it was finished. We were in a back order situation since February and now for the first time we actually have stock ready to ship in 24 hours with no wait. Re-orders for the kits have remained strong, with almost all of the initial ordering people coming back for more. Use up those old cabinets you have sitting and make some money this summer.

Birmingham Vending

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