Mega Stacker Means Jumbo Profits!

LAI Mega StackerLai Mega Stacker

Mega Stacker is now in a variety of FEC’s, bowling centers, pizza restaurants and resorts, and it’s a huge hit with players! Locations are reporting phenomenal earnings and a fantastic response to the game. Mega Stacker commands attention and gets results!

Mega Stacker
The world’s #1 prize vending machine is back in mega size! Players get the best of both worlds – play 8 Minor Prize levels for tickets and 4 Major Prize levels for attractive prizes,all in on 1!
Striking 10 feet cabinet with mega- sized LED playfield
High security metal cabinet with striking graphics
Powerful subwoofer with dynamic sound effects
Spacious major prize doors:
2 doors – 85cm (34″) x 48cm (19″) x 40cm (16″)
3 doors – 48cm (19″) x 48cm (19″) x 40cm (16″)
Stylish surround lightings
Illuminated metal platform & stainless steel seating bar
Operator adjustable settings
Coin, note acceptor & swipe card ready

“Mega Stacker is the #1 earning game in my arcade. It’s the most enjoyable redemption game I’ve seen.”
– Dino Paspalakis, Owner, Mardi Gras Fun Center, Daytona Beach, FL

“Mega Stacker is consistently one of our top earning games, and it creates a lot of excitement in our game rooms.”
-Steve Veach, National Games Manager : Brunswick Bowling

“Mega Stacker is a great performer – it is one of our top earners in our FEC locations.”
-Caroline Banrevy, President of New Concepts, Magic Games

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