Dragon Punch Packs a Punch

Andamiro Logo distributed by Birmingham Vending

Dragon Punch Boxing game by Andamiro

Andamiro’s Dragon Punch is a single player punching bag game that will pack a punch into your location’s profits. This bright red Dragon will be a standout piece—with modernized displays for enhanced visuals and an edge over the competition.

Strong yet sensitive, hand-friendly leather punching bag and construction-grade reinforced nylon rope can withstand any degree of punching that players may make. The punching bag is made up of special leather which is easy on the hand, enabling players to play more resulting in better earnings for the game. The player who hits hard and straight with better accuracy scores better which makes it challenging and competitive among fellow players.

Safety measures include a urethane cushion pad on the main body of game for precaution. Also, the distance between the body and the ball is greater to avoid accidents and slimmer body design reduces the risk of running into the game structure. Dragon Punch also comes supplied with an extra steel base plate for better stability that does not have to be grouted to the ground.

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