Where scary clowns are only a part of the terror that lurks inside….

Frightfearland Standard Cabinet
Global Frightfearland Deluxe Cabinet

Fear has gripped the city. Over 100 people have gone missing…presumed taken by a group of lunatic carnival characters. Two Special Agents follow leads to the entrance of a dilapidated amusement park. They now know what they must do…enter FRIGHTFEARLAND to find and free the captives…and close the gates forever!

The story begins at the gate of a dilapidated amusement park where 2 detectives are on the hunt for a group of missing people. It is their mission to find and free all 100 hostages. Players will be entertained on all of the 15 selectable levels (and one bonus level) and enjoy the competition found in the 12 mini-game missions.

This 2 player shooter is refreshing and different and will be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill. Frightmareland will be available in both 42” Standard and 50” Deluxe models.


100 hostages to rescue
15 selectable levels
1 bonus level
12 mini game missions
3 different endings
High-def game graphics

Hardware Features:
force feedback gun action
mounted guns
rescue counter on guns
proven cabinet design
unique edge lit control panel
3D marquee on Deluxe model


44″W x 57″D x 80″H x 450 lbs.

Birmingham Vending

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