Smart Industries introduces GREAT GAMES FOR YOUR ROUTE OR F.E.C.

Great Products from Birmingham Vending and Smart Industries


Smart Hole-In-Win Self Redemption Game

Hole-N-Win is an exciting new self-merchandiser created to generate high profits. This game features prizes hanging from a free release mechanism. Players try to drop a mechanically operated plunger through 4 different holes to win corresponding prizes. This great new game features the Smart 7th Generation operating system which is renowned for its dependability and reliability. We are so confident in this system, it carries a 3 year limited warranty.

The Hole In Win is MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Smart Candy House Crane

“The Smart Candy House cranes are an excellent addition to my locations. I added two units side by side in one location and the kids play them constantly. The look is so unique. When kids see the flashing lollipops on the corners, they head straight for them. Without a doubt, every Amusement Center, Bowling Alley, FEC, and Skating Rink should have this crane in their locations. The results are in the cashbox.”
– Kreider Amusement Company

Kids will be drawn from all around to this bright, attractive crane. From the candy rope lights and light-up roof to the big lollipop on top, this crane will keep them coming back over and over again. Perfect as a “winner every time” crane. Fits through standard doorways with roof attached, and fits under standard 8′ ceilings with lollipop topper added.

Birmingham Vending

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