Marksman Redemption Game NOW SHIPPING!!!

Global VR Marksman

Birmingham Vending brings you Marksman Redemption game by

Global VR

Global VR Marksman

The latest and most affordable Prize Redemption Merchandiser has just landed in the US and is available now. Having made its debut in the United State at the IAAPA Trade Expo, Marksman has been tried and tested and has proven itself to be one of the top earning prize merchandisers currently available. 9 visible prizes make it compelling; the simple and intuitive game play makes it irresistible; the drive to win makes it addictive; and the collections you enjoy makes it totally rewarding.

LOCATIONS                      Avg Income       Overall Rank      Merchandiser
Southern FEC      32 weeks    $977                        #3          #1
Midwest FEC        32 weeks    $641                         #2          #1
Midwest Arcade 33 weeks   $540                         #5          #1
SE Arcade              33 weeks   $382                         #1          #1
SW Arcade             33 weeks   $531                         #1          #1
West Arcade         30 weeks   $730                        #1          #1

The light and bright design helps the game stand out in the crowd and showcases the prizes inside. The adjustable settings make it perfect for all locations and offers operators a “tickets-out” option.

Pure skill game with adjustable difficulty levels
Very bright and visible prize compartments for varied valued prizes
9 prize compartments
Tickets out optional
Up to 1 in 999 payout adjustable


68.11″H x 44.1″W x 23.62″D

Birmingham Vending

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