Incredible Technologies Golden Tee Live 2009 Pedestal Cabinet

Birmingham Vending

How do you make the number one commercial video golf game better?

Better Graphics – Sure that has continually been the most obvious solution in coin-op.  But Incredible Technologies has gone several steps further in creating a compelling new version of the classic game Golden Tee Golf 2009.

FirstIncredible Technologies has redesigned the cabinet to take advantage of the incredible variety, design and price points of flat screen televisions currently available on the market.  The new pedestal cabinet ships as a complete unit without the television.  The operator or consumer can choose to use any television or monitor of their choice.  This has many advantages.  The customer will not be paying freight on heavy monitors.  Warranty service can be provided closer to the machine location.  The monitor can stay with the location, while the machine (pedestal) is switched out.  The customer can choose what size and quality monitor they wish to purchase with their game.  The presentation of this product also increases the users enjoyment and subsequently increased the collections.

Second: Incredible Technologies has added a new feature to the game called “Great Shot Replays”.  The details of this feature are described below, but essentially, players are able to save their great shots during game play and upload them to You Tube to share with their friends.  What a great idea to help move this game beyond location play.

Golden Tee Great Shot Replays on YouTube™

Share your Greatest Golden Tee Achievements with the World!

Setup/Autorization Process

To use Golden Tee Great Shot Replays on YouTube™ you must undergo the setup/authorization process. Players using player cards will only need to complete this process once, all others will need to go through the process every time a video is uploaded.

Before uploading for the first time, you’ll need to log in to your YouTube™ account and authorize Golden Tee to upload videos. If you don’t have a YouTube™ account, register and set one up. It’s fast, easy and free!

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. When you make great shots on Golden Tee LIVE 2009, you’ll be given an opportunity to upload a video replay to your YouTube™ account. Select “YES” to accept, and enter your email address and/or SMS (cell phone) number on the game. Instructions will then be sent for first time uploaders (every time for non-player card players) on how to automatically upload your Great Shot Replay to YouTube™!
  2. Watch for an email or SMS text message from Golden Tee.
  3. Click on the link in the email, or enter the 6-character code from the email (or SMS text message) into the top of this page and click Go. Remember, you must have a YouTube™ account already set up.
  4. A new web page will open with a link to a special YouTube™ login screen. Log in to your YouTube™ account.
  5. Next, you’ll be asked to authorize to upload videos to your account. Click “Yes”.
  6. Your Great Shot Replay will then be uploaded to your YouTube™ account. Please note that this process can take up to 24 hrs before your Great Shot Replay is available.
  7. Once your Great Shot Replay is ready for viewing, a new email (or SMS text message) will be sent with a link to your video!

Now, if you always use the same player card, you’re set up to upload your greatest Golden Tee achievements with a simple push of a button! Note, if your YouTube account password changes you will need to undergo the authorization process once again.

And if you don’t swipe a player card when you play Golden Tee, you can still save your Great Shot Replays, but will have to go through the above process every time. Save time and Swipe It!

ThirdIncredible Technologies has added a new game feature called closest to the pin live.  This is a quick tournament that continuously rotates for every 50 new players.  Players are competing on a 9 hole course in a closest to the pin contest for all nine holes.  If you get a hole-in-one on the first hole, then you automatically share in the prize pool.  If nobody gets a hole in one, then the closest to the pin, will win the prize pool.  This feature provides a quick and exciting game.  Anyone can win, so it levels the playing field somewhat for the casual player.

Closest-to-the-Pin LIVE is an exciting new feature that offers players more ways to win playing Golden Tee LIVE! It’s a quick, easy and inexpensive way to play Golden Tee where one incredible shot could pay huge dividends to your player account.


  • Select Closest-to-the-Pin LIVE under Advanced Play, swipe your player card and be placed in a LIVE 50-player online contest
  • Hit nine shots at nine random par 3’s and drivable par 4’s
  • Cost is $2 – $1 for the game, and $1 towards the prize pool – PLAYER ACCOUNT MONEY, GOLDEN TEE GIFT CARDS AND CREDIT CARDS ARE ACCEPTED!
  • $50 prize pool is awarded to the player who is closest-to-the-pin; prize money is split evenly in the event of ties.
  • Hit a hole-in-one and you’re a winner no matter what!
Closet-to-the-Pin LIVE

Whether a Golden Tee Pro or an Average Joe,
Anyone has a Shot to Win in Closest-to-the-Pin!

Golden Tee Live at Birmingham Vending

Golden Tee Live 2009 Pedestal

Golden Tee Live 2009 Pedestal

Golden Tee LIVE 2009

Golden Tee LIVE, the groundbreaking iteration of the video golf phenomenon, was the first of its kind to utilize wireless technology (provided by Sprint®) to allow players to compete in real-time, worldwide Golden Tee tournaments. Golden Tee LIVE represents the future of video golf and out-of-home video game experiences.

Pitting video golfers across the world in head-to-head contests for prizes or glory, Golden Tee LIVE takes excitement to new heights by simply combining it with real-time competition. From the comfort of their local taverns and restaurants, thousands of players can play live and compete simultaneously while scores are updated universally, hole-by-hole.

Golden Tee LIVE 2009 marks the celebratory 20-year anniversary of the brand. And while the title may have a long, auspicious history behind it, Golden Tee LIVE 2009 earned this year’s coveted AMOA Innovator Award for continuing to raise the bar of industry innovation.

  • Vitals:
  • 5 New Courses from Mt. Rushmore to Africa.
  • Closest-to-the-Pin LIVE – Quick, Prize Play Feature.
  • Upload Great Shot Replays to YouTube™.
  • New Hit List – featuring Dave Matthews Band.
  • Glory Play featuring Random Tees.
  • New Premium Clubs and Balls; Callaway™ and Oddyssey™.
  • New Customizable Clothing.
  • FACTs and AdWiz compatible.


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