UFO Stomper by Trio Tech Available at Birmingham Vending

UFO Stomper title bar at BirminghamVending.com

UFO Stomper Game image at www.BirminghamVending.com

Triotech and Birmingham Vending are proud to introduce the newest and most sophisticated interactive game available today. The Triotech UFO Stomper is a fantastic game for children and adults. This game would make an excellent addition to any Arcade, Mall, Entertainment Complex or high end home game room.

UFO Stomper is a revolution in interactive coin-op gaming with 10 multiplayer games featuring funny aliens and many other original characters! It features a world’s first interactive floor with instant action feedback and a PATENT PENDING shadow-free floor projection system.

* Interactive Floor with instant reaction (proprietary floor sensors)
* PATENT PENDING double projection system with SHADOW FREE technology
* Huge UFO Model (diameter 9 feet) will make this your CENTER ATTRACTION!
* 1 or 2 Players
* REDEMPTION ticket dispenser
(the winning player gets the tickets!)
* Spectators see the gameplay
from all 4 sides
Surround sound system with
4 speakers and subwoofers


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