Madwave Motion Theatre Roller Coaster Simulator from Birmingham Vending

Madwave Motion Theatre at <a href=

The best Simulator value on the market. The Mad Wave Motion Theatre at Birmingham Vending is a great investment for any high traffic location. This game would also make a tremendous statement for a High End Home Game room.


› Escape traditional coin-up games and step into a fantasy world of motion-based entertainment!

› Give customers an experience to remember!

› Transform any space into an instant attraction!

› Operate a durable attraction that will produce consistent earnings for many years!

› Keep customers coming back to try regularly updated new rides!

› Receive fresh promotional material including new marquee inserts with every new ride!

Mad Wave Motion Theater is a great system for every location because it appeals to all types of players, young and old, boys and girls. Whether they are being immersed into a fantasy world roller coaster ride or experiencing an authentic high-speed race car drive, the reaction is the same across the board, sheer delight!

Unlike many traditional motion platforms that only reproduce directional movements, Mad Wave Motion Theater delivers up to 2G’s of acceleration. From the vibrations of a car shifting gears to the collision of an accident, this new motion technology involving high-tech actuators allows the player to sense it all.

Triotech will release exciting new ride films
on a regular basis, which will keep customers coming back to try new adventures. The Motion Theater comes standard with 4 or 6 adventures and an upgrade package to 10 films is available. All motion rides run for approximately 2 1/2 minutes.

The Mad Wave Motion Theater motion technology is the most advanced available in the amusement industry today. The motors can withstand the rigors of commercial environments, a feat other manufacturers have difficulty achieving. The actuator technology relies heavily on hi-tech electronics instead of a complex mechanical system. This equates to simplicity in mechanical design, not to mention smaller weight volume (less then 10 lbs), both of which make the piece very easy to maintain and service.


– Mad Wave Motion
– Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
– 58” Screen
– Come standard with 4 or 6 adventures
– Upgrade package to 10 films available
– Coin-operated & unattended game play
– Suitable for all ages and locations
88” H x 55” W x 84” D
2.23m H x 1.39m W x 1.82m D
Shipping Dimensions:
1 X 800 lbs – 95” H x 34” W x 56” D
1 X 375 lbs – 60” H x 48” W x 84” D

Video of Madwave


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