Stern Indiana Jones Pinball at

Stern Indiana Jones Pinball

Stern Indiana Jones Pinball at Birmingham Vending

The Stern Indiana Jones Pinball will be the most popular Pinball of the year. This is simply a great game combined with a great title.

Stern Pinball, Inc. is introducing an all-new Indiana Jones pinball machine based on all four Indiana Jones films including the eagerly anticipated Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Created by game designer John Borg and software and rules engineer Lonnie Ropp, Indiana Jones incorporates all four movies into one unique pinball playfield. The Indiana Jones pinball will not only please fans of the series, but will appeal to homeowners and gamers, as well.

The Indiana Jones pinball features the original performance of the classic “Raiders March” from Raiders of the Lost Ark, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. David Thiel created the balance of the music for the pinball, while Pinball Hall of Fame artist Kevin O’Conner created the artwork for the game. Indiana Jones pinball also features audio clips and quotes from the movies.

The Indiana Jones Playfield has some incredible features, including: an Ark of the Covenant device that opens to release an eight-ball multi-ball round; an illuminated Crystal Skull device on a ramp; a glowing Sankara Stone device above a trap door; a Holy Grail device above an eject hole; a Map Room captive-ball area, which features a rotating Cairo Swordsman, plus a magnet located in front of the Ark that causes the ball to go wild.

John Borg says, “It has been a thrill working on this epic title. Indiana Jones is a fantastic looking package and a wonderful playing game. Indiana Jones will attract players of all skill levels and keep them coming back for more.”

Gary Stern says Indiana Jones is a title of such strength and importance that comes along rarely. Our designers have made a game commensurate with this great title.”

Indiana Jones Rules:

– Plunge the pinball to collect the lit “Skill Shot” feature.

– Shoot the “Ark” to start “Raiders Multiball”. In Raiders Multiball, collect Jackpots and return to the Ark to complete movie scenes.

– Collect “Sankara Stones” to start “Temple of Doom Multiball”
Hint: keep hitting the lower Captive Balls until it opens, then shoot the ball into the hole.

– Shoot the “Crystal Skull Ramp” to collect “Crystal Skull Movie Awards (including Extra Ball!).

– Shoot the “Holy Grail (Cup) Scoop” to start the “Last Crusade Mode”. Shoot flashing shots to collect.

– Shoot the “Holy Grail Scoop” when lit to collect the “Mystery” feature.

– Shoot upper Captive Balls in the Map Room to start the Cairo Swordsman Hurry-Up. Shoot again to collect.

– Spell out I-N-D-Y or J-O-N-E-S to relight Targets for “Indy Jones” Scoring.

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  1. It’s already a great pleasure to play a pinball game … but this time it’s much more than this.

    I love Indiana Jones pinball rules…

    What is its price?

    See you,

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