Pinball Machines at Birmingham Vending

Birmingham Vending has been selling Arcade Quality Pinball Machines since the beginning.  We have many refurbished pinball machines and New pinball machines available for sale or lease.

Pinball Machines make a great addition to a commercial establishment.  The game play attracts a wide variety of players including children, men and women.

Pinball Machines have also become one of the best selling items to homeowners to be placed in their home and home game rooms.  Pinballs wide appeal and variety of game play make them excellent as an entertainment product for your home.     Most games allow up to four people to compete at one time. Both young and old enjoy the old time feel of playing pinball.

Many of our home consumers worry about whether a pinball machine, with all of its moving parts will be a technical problem for them when they are in their home.  Customers worry about maintenance and reliability.  Today’s modern pinball machines are built to work in a commercial environment and constant play.  Consumers take care of their items and do not play them to the same extent as would be common in a commercial location.  Therefore, we sell hundreds of machines a year with very little maintenance issues that need to be addressed.  However, if your machine does have an issue Birmingham Vending Company offers lifetime free phone support.  We also have the ability to service your machine at your location, either with our factory trained technicians or one of the many contacts that we have developed throughout the country.


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