Turn Key Redemption Package – Great for locations wanting to get into Redemption

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Birmingham Vending Company, Benchmark and Baytek Games are proud to announce a Turnkey redemption package that is suitable for all types of locations.

Prize redemption has always been an important part of the amusement industry. As alternative forms of entertainment have become available, Prize redemption has taken on a new level of importance for maintaining customer loyalty, providing fun, interactive, and value added entertainment for your guests. Customers are no longer willing to go to a restaurant, pizza place, bowling alley, ect. and spend large amounts of money on standard video games. Today’s consumer is more selective.


Customer Loyalty
Value Added Entertainment
Cannot be replicated at home
Customers stay in your location longer
Customers visit more frequently

Very strong revenue stream

Very good return on investment

Increased entertainment adds to more special events, birthday parties, team parties, church groups, ect.

In the past, when you wished to add redemption to your location, you would need to have a counter with staff to count tickets and redeem prizes. This is not cost efficient when the location is slow. Now thanks to todays increasingly sophisticated games, you can purchase a Tickets to Prizesticketstoprizes_md.jpg which offers customers the ability to win tickets in the games and redeem them for themselves out of this self service machine.

Tickets to Prizes:

Self-contained redemption center, for unattended and attended locations!
Insert tickets and select a prize. Holds 1200+ prizes!

Uses bar code security with accurate & reliable 4-way bar code recognition.

Buy additional tickets as needed. Unused tickets are refunded!

Self-cleaning feature: high-pressure air blast every 300 tickets keeps optos dust free!
Efficient scissor cutters, self-cleaning mechanism, fail-safe systems, and self-destruct protection make tickets to prizes by far the most reliable machine of its kind!

Tickets to Prizes gives you the confidence to reliably operate it unattended

In conjunction with the Tickets to Prizes, Baytek and Benchmark have put together an equipment package that turns your location into a REDEMPTION CENTER.

There is an eight game package that includes:
Tickets to Prizes
Slam a Winner
Wheel Deal Double

Big Rig Truckin
Lil Hoops
Speed Demon
Wonder Wheel
Chameleon Paradize

You can also get the Twelve Game Package that includes all of the above +:
a Second Fireball
Smokin’ Token
Ticket Troopers

By purchasing this as a turn key package you also get a spare parts package and Two full prize kits valued at $1500. There is also a substantial savings on shipping by purchasing the games at one time.

Redemption adds so much value to a location, not to mention fabulous earnings. This is really a great opportunity for locations and operators alike.


One Response to Turn Key Redemption Package – Great for locations wanting to get into Redemption

  1. bhmvending says:

    The eight game package is $52,995 and the 12 game is $74,995. I currently have a used tickets to prizes and could use it and some other equipment to put together a better package for less money. What type of venue do you have?

    Thank you,

    Steven Toranto

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