Namco Ms. Pacman/Galaga, Pacman/Ms. Pacman/Galaga – A summary of whats available

Birmingham Vending Company is a authorized distributor for Namco arcade products which includes the 20th anniversary Ms. Pacman/Galaga

20th Anniversary Ms. Pacman/Galaga with a 25 inch monitor in a Coin Operated Cabinet

and the 25th Anniversary Pacman/Galaga/Ms. Pacman

25th Anniversary Pacman/Ms. Pacman/Galaga in a commercial cabinet with a 25 inch monitor

We have been selling these games since there inception and I thought it would be helpful to list all of the alternative cabinet choices in one place. The game is available as a:
20th Anniversary Ms. Pacman/Galaga (pacman accessible via special code)

It comes in multiple cabinet versions including:
Coin operated Commercial Version with a 25″ monitor (can be set on free play)

A Caberet Cabinet with a 19″ monitor. The cabinet is 58″ tall compared to 68″ tall for the commercial version. It makes a difference in how the game looks and plays. It is a good alternative for smaller spaces or as a cost saving alternative. The cabaret is available as a coin operated unit.

There is a alternative company making a 24″ Home version. This game is not any less expensive then the commercial version, it is marketed through home dealers who are not Namco Distributors. This is not a good alternative to the coin version, so make sure you are aware of the product that you are being offered. I have seen it listed on some sites as a home unit with a 25″ monitor. This is a misrepresentation.

Ms. Pacman/Galaga Cocktail Commercial Version (Pacman can be accessed with a special code) This is the commercial version cocktail table with a 19″ monitor. Two Players can sit down and play together.

The game is also available as a 25th Anniversary Pacman/Ms. Pacman/Galaga with a 25″ monitor. This is the commercial coin operated version. Great for the home. It has all three games and the cabinet presentation is very attractive.

It also comes as a Cabaret with a 19″ monitor. This game is 58″ tall compared to 68″ for the commercial version. This game makes a great edition to any home game room. These have been particularly popular for vacation homes that would like to add something special. The cabaret is available as a coin operated unit.

There is also a Ms. Pacman / Galaga Home Cocktail Version This game has a 19″ commercial monitor. It is set on Free play. It is a new edition to the product line and has been one of our most popular sellers. Pacman Ms. Pacman Galaga Home Cocktail Game

Ms. Pacman Countertop at
PacMan 25th Anniversary Home Countertop

In honor of this outstanding game, Namco has designed a Limited Edition Pac-Man 25th Anniversary model. This model will feature all three classic games, Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. The player simply selects which game they want to play during the Select Game Mode.

The cabinet screams “retroville” Pac-Man with a little “edge” added for the current millennia! This awesomeness classic is sure to be around another 25 years!

There are counterfeit games on the market that are not authorized by Namco and not legal for sale. If you are not sure, check with an Authorized Namco Distributor to verify the authenticity of the product.


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